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Town of Bovina, New York
Town Clerk Office Days:
Tuesday & Wednesday
or by appointment
Town of Bovina
1866 County Highway 6
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Phone: 607-832-4302
Fax: 607-832-4666
Town Board Meetings:
Community Hall
Second Tuesday of the month

6:00 pm


Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak the following changes have been made in the Town of Bovina:

The Town of Bovina Highway Department building is closed to the public. Highway Superintendent Ed Weber can be contacted at 607-832-4220 to leave a message.

The Community Hall is closed to all Community Use until further notice.

The Town Clerk's Office is open by Appointment only. Town Clerk Catherine Hewitt can be contacted at 607-832-4302 to leave a message with a call back number.

The Bovina Town Court is open by Appointment or Appearance Date only. Contact the Court at 607-832-4500 to leave a message.

There are phone numbers for additional departments listed below and on the Town Clerk's phone message.

For Updates on COVID-19 for all of Delaware County see their website:



In Connection with the Proposed Local Law of the Town of Bovina Opt-Out of Retail Cannabis Dispensaries and On-Site Cannabis Consumption Facilities within the Town of Bovina and Subject to Permissive Referendum Pursuant to Cannabis Law Section 131 and Municipal Home Rule Law Section 24.
Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing will be held by the Town of Bovina Town Board on October 12, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. at the Bovina Town Hall, 1866 County Highway 6, Bovina Center, New York, 13740, to hear all persons interested regarding the proposed Local Law entitled “A Local Law to Allow the Town of Bovina to Opt-Out of the Retail Dispensary License and On-Site Consumption License Provisions of the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act/New York Cannabis Law”. The purpose of the proposed Local Law is to request that the Cannabis Control Board prohibit the establishment of cannabis retail dispensary licenses and/or on-site consumption licenses for adult-use cannabis within the jurisdiction of the Town.

A copy of the proposed Local Law is available for review at the offices of the Town Clerk located at 1866 County Route 6, Bovina Center, New York 13740 and on the Town’s website at All persons desiring to speak either on behalf of, or in opposition to, said proposed Law shall be heard by either attending the public hearing or by submitting written comments in advance of the public hearing to the Town Clerk at PO Box 6, Bovina, NY 13740.

Catherine Hewitt,
Town Clerk

Proposed Local Law Regarding Cannabis

NOTICE: The Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for 2020 for Bovina Water District #1 is on file with the Town Clerk and may be reviewed in that office.

NOTICE: The monthly meeting of the Bovina Town Board will be the second Tuesday of each month at the Community Hall at 6:00 pm for the year 2021 with the exception of the November. The November Board meeting will be held on November 4, 2021 at the Community Hall at 6 pm.

Due to the ongoing Pandemic, we have decided to once again postpone Bovina’s Bicentennial celebration and reschedule it for the summer of 2022. When we postponed the 2020 celebration and rescheduled it for the summer of 2021, we thought we might be on the other side of the pandemic by then. Unfortunately, that does not seem realistic at this time. By moving the celebration to the summer of 2022, we hope to substantially increase our chances of being able to have it without the restrictions of the pandemic. We know this will be disappointing news to many, but it is the better option rather than going through all the work for a celebration in 2021 only to have to cancel it once again. Rescheduling to 2022 will allow us to have the grand celebration that Bovina so richly deserves.

The Town of Bovina's Bicentennial is coming up in 2022. Click here to find out more information on the upcoming event!

Town Supervisor more info...
Tina B. Mole'
PO Box 6
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Office: (607) 832-5110
Town Board Members
Donna Dickson-Noonan
2363 Bramley Mountain Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Home: (607) 832-4472
Marni Greenberg
PO Box 67
Bovina Center, NY  13740
Home: (607) 832-4278
Mark Rossley
26516 State Highway 28
Andes, NY  13731
Home: (845) 676-3103
Evelyn Stewart-Barnhart,
Deputy Supervisor

2728 County Highway 6
Bovina Center, NY  13740
Home: (607) 435-2248
Town Clerk/Tax Collector more info... Supt. Of Highways/Driveway Inspector
Catherine Hewitt
PO Box 6
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Town Clerk Office: (607) 832-4302
Tax Collection Questions: (607) 832-4415
Fax: (607) 832-4666
  Edward Weber
1580 County Highway 6
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Office: (607) 832-4220
Contact the Supt. of Highways
for a Driveway Permit Application.
Bookkeeper   Sole Assessor  
Christa Schafer
PO Box 6
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Office: (607) 832-4302
Fax: (607) 832-4666
  D. Joseph Gifford
PO Box 34
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Office: (607) 746-2885
Code Enforcement Officer more info... Dog Control Officer  
Dale Downin
280 Phoebe Lane, Suite 4
Delhi, NY 13753
Office: (607) 832-5522
Contact the Town Clerk for
a Building Permit Application.
Edward Weber
648 Weber Road
Bovina Center, NY  13740
Phone: (607) 832-4211
Town Justice   Town Attorney  
Thomas D. Lamport
PO Box 1
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Office: (607) 832-4500
Court is held on the 1st and
3rd Wednesday of the month
at 5:00 pm at the
Community Hall.
Allyson Phillips, Esq.
Young/Sommer LLC
Five Palisades Drive
Albany, NY 12205
Water Superintendent   Septic Operator  

  John Madeo
101 Fisk Road
Delhi, NY 13753
Phone: (607) 832-4888
Town Historian more info... Health Officer  
C. Raymond LaFever
2319 County Highway 6
Bovina Center, NY 13740
  Michael Freeman
2 Titus Place
Walton, NY 13856
Phone: (607) 865-2400
Planning Board Members more info...    
Edward Weber
648 Weber Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740                          
John Cianci, Chair
471 Jim Lane Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740              
Donald Farley
740 Reagan Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740                       

J. Christian Ingvordsen
526 Yankee Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740                     
Shannon Shoemaker, Secretary
PO Box 35
Bovina Center, NY 13740              
Carrie Hewitt Choquette, Clerk
110 E. Bramley Mountain Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Phone: (607) 832-4539
Planning Board Meetings:
Where:  Community Hall
When:  Third Monday of the month
Time:  6:00 pm

Contact the Planning Board Clerk 10 days before the scheduled meeting to be on the agenda.
Zoning Board of Appeals      
Charles Mole', Chairman
PO Box 63
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Monica Liddle
515 Lee Hollow Road
Delhi, NY 13753
David Jalkower
PO Box 10
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Lawrence Karam
PO Box 101
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Patricia Miele
340 Rabler Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740                                         
Zoning Board Meetings:
Where:  Community Hall
When:  As needed
Assessment Review Board      

Joan Burns
3258 County Highway 5
Bovina Center, NY 13740
Gary Robson
758 Townsend Road
Bovina Center, NY 13740

Transfer Station more info...    
Summer Hours: (May 1 thru August 31)
     Wednesday  1 pm - 4 pm
     Saturday     8 am - 12:30 pm

Winter Hours: (September 1 thru April 30)
     Saturday     8 am - 12:30 pm

- Closed Holidays -

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